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The Southern Sound Outfitters apparel brand was established in 2017 out of  Greenville, North Carolina. One of our main objectives with the SSO platform is to get MUSIC out there for people to discover and rediscover. We will be featuring some great up and comers music as well as some old school artist's that paved the way. There are so many GREAT artist's and songs that need to be spinning on the regular. I want to THANK everyone who checks us out and please spread the word about SSO. We will continue building the SSO brand Brick by Brick! ~SSO~



Roderick Robinson
Kearstin Clark
Phillip Michael Parsons
Kirk Jay
Casee Allen
Kaelynn Nikole
Seth Jones Band
Presley Phillips
C!inco Hendrixxx
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Featured Songs

Shea Abshier & The Nighthowlers


         Kaelynn Nikole


Nipsey Hussle

 "Grinding All My Life" 

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